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There's no place like home

Buying a home is an important economic issue for many Italian families. It means investing the revenues of their working lives, past and future. In some cases it means to make the most of their parents savings, resources set aside after a long life of self-sacrifices. For this and other reasons, the purchase of a property is delicate, important and must be approached with the best tools and skills.


What often happens is that the purchase of the house hides pitfalls. First of all is to check the real condition of the property. The renovation appraisal the apartment is a delicate procedure. If the check is not performed correctly, any negotiation on the price it is likely to be distorted and the buyer could understate the involved amounts and make a wrong proposal.


These are the main actors  involved in the property purchase: 1) the owner who sells, 2)  the buyer, 3) often there is a real estate agency, which acts as  intermediary, 4) the notary (in Italy you necessarily have to turn to a notary), which formalizes the purchase agreement, and 5) in many cases, if not in most, the bank involved with the capital supply through the mortgage.


All these figures have different interests and contribute, if not completely to the formation of the purchase price, to the composition of the actual capital outlay. The buyer and seller have conflicting interests: the first one wishes in the cheapest purchase, the second one wants to obtain the highest price. The real estate agency has an interest in optimizing their workforce. The real estate manager is satisfied when its activities speed up. A fast agreement with the customer first, and, later, the speedy acquisition of a buyer, are fundamental to cover their operating costs and marketing. The notary intervenes after the agreement (and after a money deposit is disposed ). The notary works, through its legal competence and through technical professionals (architects, surveyors) to check the legal adequacy of the property certificates. The interest of the notary coincides with that of the purchaser. For this reason it is the buyer who chooses his own notary. The bank checks the financial strength of the buyer, focuses on the fairness of the property value in relation to the capital granted, and eventually, evaluates documents of good and its legal transferability.

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