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Property Renovation in Rome - Tips - 1

The choice of the technical manager

Often our property renovation may prove a difficult, impossible task. Many obstacles stand between us and our ideal home; some are of an economic and / or practical-organizational. The owner, often with tight budgets, has psychophysical limits (hurry to return home, the move), and logistics (the house must meet the needs of the whole family, not just the owner's). For these and many other reasons, the customer should drive the restructuring with common sense, trying to live life every day without too many anxieties (school, work, etc.).


What is the first step to take? And the mistakes to avoid? In this article, as in other content on the site we will provide tips to help the reader to orient themselves in a complex environment like the Rome's building environment. The point of view is that of the designer, but the assessments can be useful for everybody, especially for the owner. Recalling that in a renovation, the main involved actors are: the designer, the building company, the craftsmen, the Municipio, the Agenzia delle Entrate. The customer will have to show patience, understanding and firmness, but here's some tips to keep in mind.

Why we need an Archtect

The first step is the choice of the designer, or who will be in charge of helping us in the interpretation of the rules, in the design of the refurbishment, in the practices submission and management of the entire process. The designer, engineering firm, architect, engineer, surveyor or other what's important is that there will be someone, since from the beginning of the enterprise, and who has the qualifications to do that and may lead us with safety and know how.

The italian habits Italian to ask directly to the firm, the craftsman, - with all the respect that we must have for those who directly execute handmade work - often leads to endless controversy and disputes. Even in the most simple job it is always a good idea to rely on a technical manager.

It is true that choosing the right company that will do the work it's important, but this choice will be easier if we will have with us a capable professional to evaluate the company's curriculum, the client portfolio, the seriousness of the team that will enter in our apartment, villa or whatever property we have to renovate.

We cannot save money trusting only on company which works for us. Lacking a technical manager (architect) we cannot hope to make the right decision when we have to establish technical specifications or "bureaucratic" permits . This may be fine if our construction company is reliable and works together in a network of professionals. In other cases, no. The money disappears in factors such as: lack of planning, mistakes, poor interaction with the customer requirements, lack of design proposals, time wasting. What's more this kind of approach often leads to adopt simplistic solutions as regards architectural and engineering choices.

 The role of a technical team

The technical manager evaluates the housing needs of the owner, works for the new functions of the property and has adequate technical knowledge. It is also always the designer who runs the procedural approach necessary for the correct formulation of administrative procedures.

What do you expect from your technical manager? The Codice degli appalti, as established in ''articolo 93 del decreto legislativo 12 APR 2006, n. 163, defines the levels of study that distinguish the technical design in public projects . In the case of private works, it requires, first of all, the proper application of planning instruments and procedures. The designer, in fact, is in charge of the realization of the customer's requests, he represents the instances of the client to the council technical bureau. That is even more important when dealing with complex restructuring cases or when technical solutions can not be immediately found. And if we need to implement the rules laid down by the Agenzia delle Entrate concerning Tax deductions, we must follow the architect advices.

We remember we can be identified three phases in building activities (all by law determined): the design, construction management, testing.


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