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How to get a meeting through the web booking with the managers of the Municipio I in Rome – Building permits

These days started the web service to book meetings at the Sportello Unico per l'Edilizia (SUE) of the I Municipio of Rome (https://www.comune.roma.it/wps/portal/pcr?contentId=NEW121490&jp_pagecode=newsview.wp&ahew=contentId:jp_pagecode). The" SUE" handles relations between the citizen and the “Municipio” in relation to construction (property renovation) projects to be realized in the municipal territory. This department is made up of qualified staff experts in residential building laws. The web booking, as in Municipio I, will be gradually introduced in all the other jurisdictions of the capital.

How does it work? Schedule your appointment online at the tupassi website (https://www.tupassi.it ) Just enter your data and personal tax code and the system will show you a calendar of all available appointments. Select an available appointment and confirm your booking. It’s a good rule to go to the meeting with your architect. That’s because the subject could be complex and you must be sure that the given information would be put in the right way in the context.

The technical department keeps the same timetable that had previously (https://www.comune.roma.it/wps/portal/pcr?contentId=NEW944150&jp_pagecode=newsview.wp&ahew=contentId:jp_pagecode ). The booking procedure is quite simple. It is given a barcode to identify the scheduled time, after the process is completed.

The next step, just before the meeting in via Petroselli, remains, however, still quite difficult. The historic municipal building is still missing a clear signage and the present staff in charge is not enough to inform properly the customer. As it often happens in public offices it is fundamental the communication among users who are waiting.

The structure change has had an impact on how to present practices. Now, the CIL for interventions of temporary activity (floors, photovoltaic panels, finishing works - Art. 6 Comma 2 lettera b-c-d-e- del d.p.r. 380/01) is not anymore free, Today a fee needs to be paid as in the CIL for building works of extraordinary maintenance (. 6 comma 2 lettera a del d.p.r. 380/01). The payment of "reversale" must be paid only after meeting with the manager in charge. For these activities, previously indicated as "attività di edilizia libera" (building works without permit), now there must be a prior scrutiny by the technical department . The due fee is € 251.24. The CIL for temporary works can be presented, however, without appointing an architect in charge of the work and without technical drawings.

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