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TAU_Carport Module - Photovoltaics


The company has developed a solar carport module: The shelter TAU. entirely made in Italy. The project has been carried on through a partnership with an important Italian metal structures factory. For its innovative form, the integrated photovoltaic system is suitable for any type of architectural context. It can ensure a constant energetic intake. both during the winter the summer periods. The photovoltaic shelter designed by NCE, is the result of an accurate and functional research which led to an object unique by high quality standards. patented by "Società Italiana Brevetti" (number 001281471 - 0001/0004) .


The photovoltaic shelter, ensures benefits of national tax deductions (50%) and allows to own a photovoltaic system plant when the conditions of coverage, do not allow it (roofing system inadequate).


The structure is steel made with variable-section curvilinear frame. It is pre-assembled in factory. The product is designed lo sustain snow load, wind and seismic forces in accordance with the civil engineering laws. The shelter is ready for the wiring of the photovoltaic generator. In addition, it can be easily completed with accessories like: charging station for electric vehicles (from bikes to cars) LED lights to illuminate the roadway etc. Pretreated with a zinc coating and final protection, the module is installed on site according to the Italian law (DM infrastructure and circular 14.01 .2008 02.02.2009 n.617).


The single PV shelter module (2 cars parking) can host 15 photovoltaic panels for a total of about 4,5 kWp. (if 300 Wp. each panel). The two types of PV shelter, the NORTH type and SOUTH type, differ in height by 50 cm. The SUD type has a minimum height of 2.40 meters to a maximum height of 3.40 meters, the NORTH type has a minimum height of 2.90 meters to maximum of 3.90 meters. Thanks to its peculiar shape it's possible to put two contiguos parking lines. No shadow from the southern structure covers the northern panels, so the PV system can saturate all the available parking surface.


The use of galvanized steel structure makes the modules economic, easy to install, and solid. The shape of the shelter allows rain, dust and snow removal, periodic maintenance is restricted to the strictly needed activities. Making a photovoltaic roof Is a great opportunity both from a financial end marketing point of view because It allows you

  • to produce electricity on your own
  • to protect your vehicles from the elements,
  • to Increase your property value end
  • to Improve the environmental image of your company.

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